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AWS Electronics Group Hosts ‘Supplier Day’ Event

Newcastle-under-Lyme, UK – February 2020: AWS Electronics Group, one of Europe’s leading Specialist Electronics Manufacturing Services Providers, has recently hosted a customer-focused ‘Supplier Day’ at their Newcastle-under-Lyme facility.

Over 30 people attended from over 15 suppliers, which involved opportunities for guests to network with not only the customer but also with other industry professionals. The event also featured presentations from the customer as well as some of the suppliers themselves.


The event was created as a way for a specific customer to connect with the supply chain and to build on the relationships between all of the companies involved.

Jamie Maughan, Managing Director, presenting at the event.

Jamie Maughan, Managing Director at AWS Electronics Group, said: “We are so happy that the Supplier Day has been such a success. We wanted everyone to get a better understanding of the product as well as understanding the requirements of each company so that everyone can work together cohesively. I’m confident that we achieved our goal.”

Following the success of this event, AWS are now looking to host similar events in the future.

AWS Electronics Group Celebrates Apprentices During National Apprenticeship Week

Newcastle-under-Lyme, UK – February 2020: AWS Electronics Group, one of Europe’s leading Specialist Electronics Manufacturing Services Providers, are celebrating their apprentices during National Apprentice Week.

Five years ago, AWS initiated an apprenticeship scheme to recruit local young engineering and technical talented employees into its business. Since then, four apprentices a year have been recruited and have made it a very successful initiative.

Jamie Maughan, Managing Director, said: “Our apprentices have been a vital part of our growth and we are so impressed by what has been achieved by them all. We’re always looking for new ways to invest in the future, and the 

apprenticeship scheme is a great way to do this. There is always a need for qualified Engineers in this sector and by doing an apprenticeship, people learn the practical side of the industry as well as the theory.”

There are currently 8 apprentices at AWS, who are all studying various Engineering courses at different levels.

William Edge, a former AWS apprentice who was runner-up ‘Apprentice of the Year’ at the Sentinel Business Awards 2019, is now a permanent member of staff at AWS and provides support to the current apprentices.

William said: “AWS is a fantastic place to do an apprenticeship. I received so much support throughout my course, and it’s really important for me to provide that support for the new apprentices.”

AWS will be continuing with the apprenticeship scheme and will soon be looking for new recruits to join the company in September. To apply, contact Newcastle College here.

Incap Appoints New Managing Director to AWS Group

'Following Incap's acquisition of AWS Electronics, Incap Corporation has made a new appointment in its team as of today'

January 2020 - The company has decided to promote Jamie Maughan to the Managing Director of AWS Group in U.K. Jamie Maughan has 13 years of experience in AWS Group as a Group Operations Director at company’s factory in Newcastle-under-Lyme. Miroslav Michalik will continue to hold the Plant Director position in AWS Slovakia. Tracy Court, AWS Group Business Development Director, and Dave Elms, AWS Group Business Improvement Director, continue to support the business in its ongoing growth.

Incap is an international contract manufacturer. Incap’s customers are leading suppliers of high-technology equipment in their own business segments, and Incap increases their competitiveness as a strategic partner. From today, Incap has operations in Finland, Estonia, India, Hong 

Kong, U.K. and Slovakia. The company employs approximately 1300 people. Incap’s shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Limited since 1997. Additional information may be found here.

AWS is part of Incap Corporation and has its own production facilities in Newcastle-under-Lyme, U.K. and in Namestovo, Slovakia. AWS focuses on high complexity EMS services principally in the industrial controls, medical, automotive, aerospace, scientific instrumentation and controls sectors.

Incap Acquires AWS Electronics Group

January 2020 - Electronics Manufacturing Services provider Incap Corporation has signed an agreement to acquire 100% ownership of U.K. based AWS Electronics Group. AWS Electronics is an Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider specialized in high complexity services with production facilities in the U.K. and Slovakia.


Through the acquisition, Incap will be able to improve its service and product offering, widen its portfolio into U.K and Central-Europe and further strengthen its position in geographical areas such as USA and South-East Asia. 


The production facilities in the U.K. and Slovakia complement Incap’s current production facilities located in Estonia and India. In particular this will open the opportunity to widen the commercial prospects between the U.K. and India.


In the long-term, the acquisition is also expected to bring synergy benefits in e.g. material purchasing and cross-selling opportunities.


Otto Pukk, President & CEO of Incap Corporation: “This acquisition will enable us to serve our customers even better. I am happy to welcome AWS Electronics team onboard to take the next steps on our growth path. AWS has been growing for many years and we see a strong fit with Incap. With this long-term, strategic acquisition we will strengthen our market position and balance our customer base. We are excited to widen our geographic presence and gain foothold in the U.K. and Central European markets.”

Paul Deehan, former CEO of AWS Electronics Group: “I am pleased to see AWS Group step onboard with Incap. The combined companies create a very strong player in the electronics manufacturing services market that will allow us to serve our customers in the best possible way. There are also a number of key synergy benefits that mean we will be able to offer our customers a broader and more complete service portfolio.”

AWS Electronics Group focuses on high complexity EMS services e.g. for industrial controls, medical, automotive, aerospace, scientific instrumentation and controls.


In the financial year ended on June 30, 2019, AWS Electronics Group had revenue of GBP 35 million (approximately EUR 41 million) and the number of personnel was 436. The AWS business units will continue to run their operations as highly independent unit within Incap Corporation as per Incap current business model.


The former owners of the company, Paul Deehan and Adrian Keane, are committed to support Incap over the transition period.




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AWS Electronics Group's name changed to Incap Electronics

May 2020: After the acquisition of AWS Electronics Group by Incap Corporation in January 2020, the company's units in the UK and Slovakia will now be trading as Incap Electronics UK Ltd. and Incap Electronics Slovakia s.r.o.


In January 2020, Electronics Manufacturing Services provider Incap Corporation acquired 100% ownership of AWS Electronics Group, a provider specialized in high complexity services with production facilities in the UK and Slovakia.


Otto Pukk, President & CEO of Incap Corporation: “We are now happy to announce that all our units are operating under the Incap name. In line with our operational model, Incap Electronics UK and Slovakia will continue to operate as highly independent units within the group. Incap Corporation has now a wider geographic presence, having gained a foothold in the UK and Central European markets and strengthened our position in the USA and South-East Asia. Entering into new market segments has widened our customer portfolio and we have been able to broaden our product offering to existing customers as well.”


Jamie Maughan, Managing Director of Incap Electronics UK & Slovakia: “Since the acquisition in January we have been welcomed into the Incap group and we have seen a good synergy between the sites. We plan to continue our growth and investment into the UK & Slovakia sites and we see the UK & European markets continuing to grow and expand.”


Incap Electronics UK Ltd. production facility is situated in Newcastle-under-Lyme, UK and the Incap Electronics Slovakia s.r.o production facility is situated in Namestovo, Slovakia. Incap´s UK and Slovakia production facilities focus on high complexity EMS services principally in the industrial controls, medical, automotive, aerospace, scientific instrumentation and controls sectors. Additional information may be found at


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